How coronavirus will forever change airlines and the way we fly

Read full article on BLOOMBERG From air fares to destinations to cabin layouts, things may look very different once we start traveling again. Higher fares, fewer routes, pre-flight health checks and less free food: The coronavirus pandemic is ushering in a new era of air travel. Read the full article on Bloomberg

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Dutch: Zo kijken de vijf populairste Europese vakantielanden naar komende zomer

Lees het volledige artikel hier Landen als Spanje en Italië zuchtten afgelopen jaren onder hordes toeristen. Maar nu bezoekersrecords plaatsmaken voor de stilte dreigt een ramp. Want overlast door toerisme of niet, een groot deel van de Europese economie vaart op die sector. De miljoenen mensen die er hun brood mee verdienen, gaan een loodzware

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Singapore sees huge surge in new virus cases

Read full articles on CTV or CNN Singapore reported 942 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, a single-day high for the tiny city-state that pushed its total number of infections to 5,992, including 11 deaths. The number of cases in Singapore has more than doubled over the past week amid an explosion of infections among foreign

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More testing needed before states implement Trump’s reopening guidance, experts say.

See news report on ABC News. While the White House on Friday insisted that the United States has the testing capacity to begin reopening the economy in certain states, under the administration's new guidelines, some public health experts warned that the country still lacks adequate testing to track and contain potential coronavirus outbreaks.

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America needs to ‘hunker down for a bit more’ (Dr. Nicole Saphier)

Read full article on FOX News. America needs to "hunker down" for a bit longer to avoid a potentially "catastrophic" resurgence in coronavirus cases, Dr. Nicole Saphier urged Saturday. Saphier agreed with a new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) model predicting an "exponential explosion" in COVID-19 cases if the nation's lockdown measures are lifted too

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USA’s plan to re-open the economy released by Trump and it’s team.

Read full articles on BBC, BuzzFeed, CNBC, FoxNews and Aljazeera The White House released a proposed roadmap for easing social distancing restrictions in place to combat the coronavirus at a briefing on Thursday. The plan relies heavily on the assumption that testing symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, and contact tracing for the coronavirus will increase. At

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