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Crew Travel

In contradiction to most countries in the world the Dutch government has different rules for airline crews. As such Dutch airline crews traveling to/from work in the Netherlands are considered CROSS-BORDER COMMUTERS according to the Dutch law and thus DO NOT NEED a PCR test nor a rapid test before boarding a flight to/from their place of work/living.

  • The NOTAM about this exception is numbered A0187/21 & A0234/21 (left/first image below) and also EHAA/QOEXX/IV/NBO/E/000/999/5259N00454E999 and can be found via several sites, here or here (easier I think) with a link directly to the NOTAM (please advise if this link is not current anymore)
  • Info about definition of a Cross-Border Commuter can be found via this link and opening the “Information for cross-border commuters, students and school children” link on that page. (center/second image below)
  • Examples that an island (in this example the UK) is also cross-border commuter can be found via this link
  • International information and rules about Airline Crews and travel can be found on the website of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • See also handy links under Departure and Arrival on the Airline News | Flight Status page, for example:
    • Easy to use website where you select departure country and get an overview of restrictions per destination country.
    • Website via KLM where your enter departure, destination and travel documents and get results.
  • If you need to explain to some check-in staff or manager where it is written on the KLM website, here is how to find it:
    • Navigate to the KLM website
    • Open the question “Do I need to get tested on COVID-19 before my flight?
    • There you will find the following remark “When is it not necessary to show a PCR test result?“, with a link to the official website of the Dutch Government for a “full list of all exceptions
    • On that specific page of the website of the Dutch Government you will find the text “People for whom exemptions apply” and “Cross-border commuters, students and school children” are amongst them.
    • The definition of Cross-Border Commuter can be found on that same page, which is the following: “You are a cross-border worker/student/school child if you live in an EU member state, a Schengen country or the United Kingdom and work/study/attend school in the Netherlands, and you travel back to your place of residence at least once a week.” and shown in the center/second image below.
NOTAM crew traveling to/from work Cross-Border Commuter
Definition Cross-Border Commuter Netherlands
Cross-Border Commuter KLM Crew living abroad

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