A lot of news about a new variant (out of the UK) are emerging, however how dangerous or important is this?

  • Well first of all this kind of virus is prone to many variations and actually there are already many variants currently present around the world.
  • The UK variant seems to propagate (spread) faster, however this has not yet been proven as it takes a long time and a lot of research to prove this

So should we be scared? Panicing? Takes extra measures?

All these kind of questions are difficult to answer as there is no real and correct answer. Why? Because, again, it takes time to prove all the things that are currently propagated through the news outlets.

We should however be careful, wear masks, avoid crowded places, keep enough social distance as those are the only things we can currently do until most of us are vaccinated.

Is a vaccin dangerous? Well it seems the possible long term effects after catching COVID-19 are far worse than those of a vaccin, so I would opt for a vaccine even though I am against unnecessary vaccinations.

Some news articles about this new variant about which people are talking: BBC, CNN, Foxnews, NYPost, NYTimes & ECDC