Ivermectin has been mentioned several times during this pandemic and a lot is been said about it. It’s a very cheap drug and thus not financially interesting at all for the Farmaceutical Industry as the patent for it has expired. Therefore it will be difficult to have it tested as it should probably be done.

My personal opinion, and from seeing around me, is that this drug definately seems to help in the recovery of COVID-19. Does it cure? I don’t think so. Does it prevent you from dying (if you are amongst those unlucky ones)? I don’t think so, though as it eases your symptoms in many cases and it might just give the extra energy available to your immune system to fight the virus and indeed survive where otherwise you wouldn’t. Does is prevent you from getting the virus? Definately NO, as it only treats the symptoms it seems. But I cannot stress enough that this is my personal opinion based on no scientifical support! Does a Vaccine prevent you from getting the virus? In over 90% of the cases YES!

Why not test it then? Well in my opinion, and again no scientifical or research support at all, there are probably several other existing drugs that might work, however we, in the current world, are unfortunately unable to agree on many things, let at all take the decision on which drug to support/test/try… and thus it will not happen now. I sincerely hope it will be done in the next few years though.

Therefore governements, off course backed by farmaceutical companies for clear financial profits, have started to develop Vaccines. Why? Well for sure we know from experience of the past that we are able to create vaccines to fight viruses such as the current COVID-19 and thus at least we are sure to have something that would combat it and make our own immune system fight the virus correctly in a fairly short amount of time. (that is what currently happened) If a drug was investigated, such as Ivermectin, the end results would not have been sure, neither to agree on which drugs to test… and that would have taken probably much more time than creating a vaccine we are sure would help, and we just don’t have that time in a Pandemic.

There seem to be some serious risks if you take the drug, however more research needs to be done.

More information, without checking if all true, can be found here: WebMD | Merck | Court cases | FDA | EMA | WHO | Sciencedirect | BMJ | Gavi als has a nice explanation about Ivermectin